Someone damaged my car but then refused to pay for the repairs - what do I do?

I was rear ended by a driver who admitted responsibility. The damage wasn't heavy and he asked if he could pay for the repair as he was in the motor trade and his insurance premium would rocket. We exchanged details and I sent him a repair quote which he accepted. He then refused to pay after the work was done. I made a claim through my insurers who said he was uninsured. I obtained driver details from the DVLA and reported the matter to the police - they investigated and said he was driving on a trade policy at the time, but can't give me the policy details. How can I find details of his insurers?

Asked on 20 November 2017 by drewbie

Answered by Tim Kelly
Issue proceedings against him directly through the small claims court is your best way forward, ask for his insurance details by way of a recorded delivery letter advising of the pending court action. Alternatively contact a solicitor or accident management company and they can do it for you.
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