My insurance has offered scrap value for my car after an accident - what do I do?

I own a 1996 Volkswagen Polo MK3 which has been in the family since new. Recently I had a small dent in the wing caused by a third party. The insurance engineer stated that it was not worth repairing and offered scrap value for it. How do I stand with the law on this one. Should my car be restored to its condition prior to the accident, regardless of value?

Asked on 21 December 2016 by Robert hider

Answered by Honest John
No. Consistent County Court judgements have been that you are entitled to be put back in the position before the damage was done, but that paying you 'market value' for your car meets that requirement. It stinks. Basically someone wants to rip off your car, fix it cheaply and re-sell it. So refuse to allow them to 'write off' your car and simply demand whatever figure their sums came up with that allow you to keep the car without it becoming a Cat D, a Cat C or a Cat B. Even if they pay you nothing, that would be better than being given £200 as 'market value' for your car.
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