Bought an unreliable used car - what are my rights?

I purchased a used car six weeks ago. The trader only gave me one month’s warranty as standard, but provided 12 months’ cover for an additional cost. Since buying the car it has been in and out of the garage three times already. They have repaired the turbo and valves. Now they think the fuel pump has failed, but are unsure if the warranty company will pay for the work. What should I do?

Asked on 9 December 2016 by andrew cloake

Answered by Honest John
If you bought a junk car, say under £1500, then a sensible judge might rule "what did you expect?" But if you spent even as little a £2000 plus then you are entitled to a reasonably reliable vehicle that lasts longer than six weeks and you can invoke Sale of Goods and subsequent statutory and case law that assumes any serious fault that occurs within six months of purchase must have been present or developing on the date of purchase and you are entitled to your money back. Nothing that could have been present or developing on date of sale or could have been a result of 'wear and tear' would be covered by the warranty anyway. See:
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