Jaguar F-Pace electrical fault - what's the cause?

My Jaguar F-Pace is five weeks old and has done 1500 miles. Last week, at the traffic lights, I put the car into neutral and all the electrics went dead. When I put it back into gear the electrics re-started. My local dealer has checked it over and found no faults. Any idea what is causing this? Is this likely to happen again and if so what should I expect from garage?

Asked on 29 October 2016 by Loretta Reynolds

Answered by Honest John
Could be you're not supposed to put it in neutral. (Do that with a lot of VAG models and the stop-start doesn't work.) But we, too, had an issue with the combined 'Park' setting and electromechanical parking brake on an XF 4WD. Does not always lock the car solid. I suspect an issue with the quadrant electrics.
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