Can we reject our used car?

I bought a used (2009 model) Vauxhall Corsa from a local dealer six months ago. The salesman advised that all cars were thoroughly checked and in good condition (would not sell them otherwise etc.).

Have subsequently returned to the garage on three occasions, as follows:

1) Exhaust back box and pipe fell off, one day after loud noise indicated problem.
2) Excessive noise and juddering when braking and discolouration of front wheels, (garage stated inferior quality brake pads to blame).
3) Oil leak from pressure switch.

On each occasion, fault has been rectified without additional cost (we have a warranty), but question is, given the initial sales pitch about quality and checking, and subsequently the length of time we have been without use of the car, do we have grounds for returning or exchanging it?

Also, we questioned the absence of a service history, which they stated would be available as they didn't buy cars without one, yet it hasn't been forthcoming...

Asked on 26 October 2016 by Mark James

Answered by Honest John
No. A check would not have indicated the extent of rust inside the exhaust pipe, nor the make of brake pads, nor the oil leak if it wasn't leaking at the time. But no service history is grounds to reject the car for a full cash refund, or £1000 compensation for the lack of service history which is approximately the amount it devalues the car by.
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