Fiat 500 - keep or sell?

I currently drive a TwinAir Fiat 500, for a mixture of motorway and city driving, and I love it. But in a few months I start a new job which involves an 80 mile round trip on the motorway every day and I'm wondering if I should be considering a different car.

I don't want to lose out on fuel economy or boot space, and I'd like something that's just as nice to drive as the TwinAir, but I wouldn't mind a bit more tech. What hatchbacks would you recommend for around the £7000 mark? Or should I stick with the Fiat 500?

Asked on 26 October 2016 by Rooby

Answered by Honest John
For 80 miles a day you will miss the excellent seats of the 500 in any small hatchback except for the forthcoming new Citroen C3, and that has all the tech, including a built-in screen cam in top models, but is nowhere near as much fun. £7000 puts the new C3 out of the picture, so I'd stick with the 500 TwinAir.
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