What's wrong with my Octavia DSG?

I have a 2010 Skoda Octavia 1.4 petrol with a DSG auto gearbox, which has an intermittent fault. When cruising at any speed, with little throttle, the gearbox sometimes makes a loud "clunk" noise as if coming out of gear and going back in again. This also sometimes happens when I take my foot off the throttle when driving. I have a Skoda extended warranty but Skoda say their diagnostic computer does not show any problem. Any suggestions please would be appreciated.

Asked on 9 October 2016 by m. perkins

Answered by Honest John
It's a low torque lightweight dry clutch DSG. These are riddled with problems; either dry clutch pack or with the synthetic fluid in the transmission itself which the car should have been recalled for.
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