How can I solve my Skoda's DSG problems?

My Skoda Octavia has lost all of its odd numbered gears. Skoda originally said it was the mechatronic unit and agreed to change it for a nominal fee even though the car was almost a year out of warranty. This however has failed to correct the problem.

They now say it needs a new gearbox but their goodwill offer is nowhere near as generous and I am facing a very large bill. I cannot help but feel that the mechatronic has damaged the box as it must be reasonable to expect more than 42,000 miles before it self destructs. Any advice on how to put pressure on Skoda to increase their offer?

Asked on 15 March 2015 by Terryj

Answered by Honest John
I think our best bet is an independent member of to see if he can figure it out on the basis of his experience better than the Skoda dealer can. If you can find all the gears manually it doesn't need a new gearbox. The problem is simply that the Skoda dealer doesn't know how to fix it properly.
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