Skoda Octavia DSG problems

Over the past few months, when starting from cold, my 2012 Skoda Octavia estate DSG diesel struggles to move through the gears. As a result, I end up bunny hopping down the road. The problem usually clears after 10 minutes.

Skoda initially replaced the dual mass flywheel under warranty which did nothing at all to fox the problem. Now they say that they will have to replace the gearbox completely (although they don't know what the problem is) but will not do it under warranty as I didn't have the transmission oils changed until 49,000 miles. Any idea what the problem could be?

Asked on 18 June 2015 by Herbie

Answered by Honest John
Depends which DSG it has. if it's a 1.6 TDI it has the seven-speed dry clutch DSG, 2012 examples of which were filled with the wrong (synthetic) oil on the production line and which should have been recalled to have it changed. If it's a 2.0TDI it has the six-speed wet clutch DSG which is supposed to have a transmission fluid and microfilter changed every four years anyway.

From what you say it looks like yours is the seven-speed dry clutch DSG and it was recalled but you were late bringing it it. But the fact remains it was not your fault that the transmission was filled with the wrong oil in the first place, so I think a UK small claims judge will still hold the dealer and Skoda UK liable.
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