DSG transmission judder - what is it?

My Volkswagen Golf has recently developed a slight judder when accelerating gently at low revs in low gears. The problem has been acknowledged by an accompanying franchise mechanic during the car's recent service and MoT (just prior to its warranty expiry). The mechanic has specified a DSG software upgrade to correct this which is due to be done shortly under warranty.

Are you aware of this being a common problem with Volkswagen DSG transmissions and how confident are you that a software upgrade will provide the solution?

Asked on 12 April 2015 by Lowflier

Answered by Honest John
Extremely common and the subject of a Worldwide recall. If your transmission has not been recalled for a transmission oil change from synthetic to mineral. The recall was for 2011-2013 cars so covers yours. It might need a new dual clutch pack.
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