Need a car for a once a week commute?

I'm looking for a reliable commuter car for a once per week Fri/Sun commute of 240 miles via A-roads. I've been looking at estates due to the need to cart a bit of gear around when at home (horse feed), but am open to new ideas on body shape. I've considered diesel A4 Avant, BMW 3 Series Touring and C-Class Estates so far. Absolute max budget is £10,000 and any saving on running costs would be a bonus. I'm also open-minded with regards to fuel type. A friend has suggested Lexus due to their comfort, reliability and size, but I'm concerned over MPG and road tax costs.

Asked on 5 September 2016 by Ben

Answered by Honest John
Try a brand new Dacia Logan MCV 1.5 dCi.
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