Water flooding into footwell in Renault Scenic

I have an 18 month old Renault Grand Scenic, still under warranty. Following heavy rainfall, there was strange whistling noise from the air vents. Water then began pouring into both driver and passenger footwells.

Renault tell me that it is due to debris falling through the grills and clogging the drainage. The overflow apparently leading directly into the interior of the car. Surely this is a manufacturing fault?

They say it now needs to be dismantled to be cleaned - NOT covered by guarantee - even though I had a service done six months ago. So not only do I have to pay for a manufacturing issue, but also for any potential water damage done to the vehicle. What should I do?

Asked on 23 June 2016 by jomcauley

Answered by Honest John
That is what happens to EVERY car when the drains from the bulkhead vent well become blocked. It's up to the owner to keep them clear. Otherwise rainfall and especially heavy rainfall has nowhere else to go except via the pollen filter into the cabin of the car. You will also need a new pollen filter because it will be sodden wet.
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