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Can I transfer my NCB to another person?

I currently have two cars. Both are insured on separate policies. If I exchanged the town car for a low insurance group runaround and put both my children as named drivers could I legally pass the policy and its NCD over to one of my children?

It would be a shame for me to lose one car and insurance discount whilst my children are paying a huge premium as new drivers on their own policies.
How can I retain the 40% discount for one child rather than simply losing it when I sell the town car.

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No. The NCD is for the policyholder which is you. Nor can you state that you are the principal driver if your children are because that is 'fronting'. However, if you re-insure with one of the children as the policyholder, it will reduce the premium to include yourself (and your wife) as mature named drivers on their policy.
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