Why will no one insure my son to drive my S-MAX?

I was able to get temporary insurance cover for my son to drive my car, a Ford S-MAX, when he was a learner. However, now he has passed his test, no one will cover him.

I would only ever want him to drive it with me in the passenger seat and I wondered if you knew of any companies that would take this into account? Although he has a full licence would he be covered under a temporary learner policy if were with him?

Asked on 30 April 2016 by Tim Gibbons

Answered by Honest John
This is normal. Insurers offer lower rates to accompanied young learners than when the learner earns the right to drive solo because when accompanied they are a lower risk. The answer is Telematics based insurance that puts a black box inside the car to monitor the driver's style and bases insurance premiums on that. Some of them are listed at the end of this directory: www.honestjohn.co.uk/useful-websites/tax-insurance.../ The problem is, the black box is sensitive to every driver's performance, including yours.
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