Thailand - import new car or purchase in country?

I'm moving to Thailand and will need to buy a car. My company will ship one over for me for free or I can buy locally. I will be based in Bangkok but will wish to explore the country with three passengers. Would welcome your thoughts on which cars to consider and if it is worth importing a vehicle.

Asked on 23 April 2016 by Roger Lewis

Answered by Honest John
Massive hassle to import a car to Thailand. Lots of people will help you avoid tax, but then you will be looking over your shoulder all the time waiting to get nicked and if you do they confiscate your car. Cars are dearer in Thailand and used cars are quite a lot dearer. We had to pay 370,000 baht for a 70k kilometre 2010 Jazz 1.5iVTEC 5-speed auto about this time last year. Jazz 1.5iVTECs hold their value better because they are frankly better than locally assembled Toyotas, Nissans, Mitsubishis and Fords. 20PS more powerful then UK Jazz with a 5-speed torque converter rather than a CVT. If you fancy something better, then go for a Honda HR-V 1.8iVTEC CVT-7, again not a model available in the UK with that engine.
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Neatly styled. Increased room and better performance than original Jazz. better to drive. Very versatile. CVT-7 returned in February 2011 replacing i-SHIFT. More reliable than first generation Jazz.
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