Insurance issue re no fault accident - is this right?

I had a no fault accident in De 2105 when someone hit my car in a multi story car park in Exeter. Fortunately for me a lady witnessed the incident, took a picture of the car touching my vehicle showing the offending cars registration plate, and she left her contact details. My insurers, Chaucer Direct, have been able to obtain full liability from the other side for the costs of any repair. The repair has not yet been completed, my estimate £500, as I have been out of the country.
I have now received the renewal with the cost of the premium increasing by £74. I asked them for a breakdown of the increase and this was their response: -

"The difference in premium this year is £73.52. Based on the way your policy is rated, the claim is worth around £40 of that increase. You may be entitled to a small amount of return premium once the claim is settled as non-fault, however that will be generated by the system at the time and so I am not able to estimate how much that will be. It will not be the full amount, AS A NON-FAULT INCIDENT IS STILL AN INCIDENT AND WILL STILL IMPACT YOUR PREMIUM ACCORDINGLY."

This makes a nonsense of no fault claims and suggests that because another car damaged my vehicle in a car park whilst I am not there then I am more likely to suffer a similar occurrence.

Is this worth taking any further as it has really teed me off.

Asked on 16 March 2016 by Edgar Halton

Answered by Honest John
That's how it works. Simple, basic underwriting statistics show that anyone involved in any kind of claim, even a no fault claim, is more likely to be involved in another claim than someone who has not been involved in any claims at all. You could, if you wished, sue the third party for your additional loss, but simply not worth it for £40.
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