My Citroen C4 automatic goes into 'Limp' mode despite having a new stop light switch - why?

My Citroen C4 automatic is a sweet car and the automated manual transmission works superbly and smoothly. My 56-plate example is ex-Motability and has covered 19,000 miles. Recently the transmission went into 'Limp home' mode, staying in third gear. On switching off for a few moments all was well again. The main agent who sold me the car claims now to have replaced the stop light switch, but the fault has recurred. I am stuck with the main agent for another nine months of the warranty, after which I shall go back to my trustworthy Citroen Specialist, who can and does talk sense to me and welcomes my close interest.

Asked on 20 July 2010 by Kestan

Answered by Honest John
The logical thing to do was replace the stop light switch because if it fails it sends the wrong signals to the ECU.
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