Water ingress in front passenger footwell

I am experiencing water ingress into the passenger front footwell of my 2013 SEAT Leon. I only noticed it when cleaning the carpet after our holiday as the carpet is covered by a floor mat as well, so I can't say if the fault has been there since I purchased it.

I have had the windscreen replaced before I noticed the water, which the garage said was probably the problem, but I have had that checked for leaks by the windscreen suppler.

It has been back to the garage under warranty three times and is due to go back for a forth time shortly. Each time they can't find the source of the water leak and I didn't know if you have had any previous issues with this type of car that I could suggest to the garage when it goes in. Seems to come after heavy rain.

Asked on 25 January 2016 by NWB

Answered by Honest John
Of course it could be the screen. Even a very slight leak will result in quite a lot of water under the carpet. But I had a Leon 20VT once, put it in for a service and soon after I got a soaking wet passenger's footwell. It turned out that when they replaced the pollen filter it is a very fiddly job and the mechanic had obviously given up and not done it properly. Result was rainwater pouring straight through the pollen filter into the car. I had to fix it myself.
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