Looking to buy a latest model Focus - have the clutch issues been addressed?

I am looking to buy a new, or nearly new Ford Focus, specifically the EcoBoost 125 model. Having searched your site I found many issues being reported with the clutch/slave cylinder/DMF on the 2011 model, but nothing so far on the 2014 one.

Have there been any changes and updates on that system from Ford to make it more reliable in the newer model, or is it just the case that the issues haven't had enough time to occur yet, and there will be plenty as soon as the model reaches 2-3 years old?

Asked on 4 November 2015 by Spartan in Britain

Answered by Honest John
We'd guess that they've fixed the problem simply by starting to fit more reliable clutch slave cylinders. But this is not something any manufacturer would admit to because by doing so it opens the doors to claims for new DPFs and clutches for all the cars with duff slave cylinders.
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