Used car dealerships - what are my warranty rights?

I bought a car from Car Giant that has had several issues. I have asked for a written copy or verbal definition of the Car giant aftersales warranty or guarantee but was told that they don’t have one and all repairs are discretionary. The actual words spoken by the Car Giant representative were as follows “We don’t have a guarantee, sometimes we fix cars, sometimes we don’t, it depends” I was not advised what it depends on. Aren't they supposed to have set and defined aftersales policy that I can see?

Asked on 10 October 2015 by MrsGraham

Answered by Honest John
Car Giant simply conforms to the law which basically makes any used car dealer responsible for all major faults that may develop on a car for 6 months from date of sale. Trivial issues, particularly those a buyers should have noticed prior to purchase, are not part of this. Serious issues are: As from 1-10-2015, under The Consumer Rights Act 2015, car buyers have theoretically been able to reject a car for any fault within 30 days of purchase.
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