Discovered accident damage after buying car

Hi, we bought a 62 plate (just over 3 years old) Peugeot 3008 from a local independent dealer 6 weeks ago with 40k on the clock. It was an ex contract lease vehicle and came with a full Peugeot service history including all the service receipts from the lady who kept the vehicle. The car is immaculate inside and out and the dealer prepared it with 2 new front tyres and we took out a finance agreement to pay for it.

When going to collect the car, the dealer made the comment 'you do realise that you have bought a car without ever having seen it in daylight'. He laughed and said, 'don't worry, it is immaculate'. We were not remotely concerned as the dealer has a fantastic reputation and so had no reason to doubt him. They also lived up to their reputation as we felt a slight vibration on the brakes and so they replaced the discs and pads without any quibble to resolve the issue.

However, over the Christmas holidays, after having washed the car in daylight, it is evident that the car has had some repair work on the near side. There is evidence that it has been resprayed and the paint is slightly 'duller' than on the other side and a slight ripple can be seen. I hasten to add that no accidents were recorded on the history check. Also, we have noticed following on from a few motorway runs over the holidays, that the car is prone to drift to the left. The tyres on the rear don't match, with one being the original Michelin and the other being a replacement, but we fear this may have something to do with the damage that was sustained on the left.

We paid the going rate for the car, so bearing all of this in mind what course of action would you recommend? Ask for the resprayed area to be polished up to the same standard as the rest of the car? Reject it? Approach the finance company? Or ask for compensation for the car not being in the expected condition? Bearing in mind that we do love the car in all other respects and it is immaculate elsewhere.

Many thanks for your anticipated response.

Asked on 28 December 2015 by albuster

Answered by Honest John
As used car deals go, this one seems to have been properly conducted. A dealer is actually liable to appraise you of any serious accident damage repairs rather than leave you to find it, but what you have found (including the replaced tyre) is more likely to have been the result of a parking ding or a scrape than a full scale 'accident'. I'd simply make the dealer aware of the problem areas you have found in a friendly, non confrontational manner and see what he offers. If he starts to become difficult, then put it all in writing and send it to the dealer principal by post office special delivery, stapling a copy of the certificate of posting to a copy of the letter so it becomes a matter of record.

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