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Rejecting a new car

I purchased a new Renault Captur on 1st July this year. An under bonnet check at the end of August revealed the brake fluid reservoir to be half full and brake fluid dripping from the front edge of the reservoir. The fluid was at the max mark when I collected the car. The car is parked in my driveway facing down a twenty degree slope. The Renault dealership checked and cleaned the cap seal and the reservoir mating surface, topped up the fluid and I agreed to monitor the level.
One week later the leak returned, and Renault replaced the reservoir and cap. A week later, brake fluid is leaking past the cap yet again. The car is booked in for inspection, but the Service desk admits they are baffled as the problem has never occurred before.
None of my previous cars have experienced a problem such as this and I would be grateful for your advice ref rejecting the vehicle and asking for a refund of the full purchase price.

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This shouldn't happen so you may have revealed a fault with Captur that did not become apparent in product testing. I would let the Renault dealer refer this back to Renault to see if Renault itself is aware of the problem and if a fix is forthcoming before seeking to reject the car, but you should still send a letter by Post Office special delivery to the dealer principal of the dealership forewarning him that if this cannot be fixed you will seek to reject the car. That letter then becomes a matter of record.
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