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Nowhere to store a spacesaver in new C-Class?

The new Mercedes C-Class I have on order comes with a can of puncture repair sealant instead of a spare wheel. Not happy with this I was going to buy a spacesaver but I was horrified to find out that the new C-Class has nowhere to store a spacesaver except loose in the boot rather than under the boot mat in a designated recess. To add insult to injury those nice people at Mercedes will sell me a fabric bag for £105 to keep a tyre in. As the boot in my eyes is already quite small I will have to go without but is this lack of proper storage space now common practice with new cars and if so why when cars continue to grow.

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Yes, common. Thankfully punctures are fairly rare, but if you get a small one DO NOT USE THE TYRE SEALANT BECAUSE IT PROBABLY WON'T WORK. If you do, whether it seals the tyre on not, you will ruin the carcass of the tyre and have to buy a new tyre. This ridiculous situation cost me 5 hours and £256, so bear in mind.
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