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Buying a Renault Scenic - petrol or diesel?

I'm on the lookout for a used Renault Scenic. I do low miles and think one of the TCE engines would be perfect however they almost never come on the market. I'm worried that the 1.6 VVT will be hopeless on the odd occasion it's needed for a longer trip fully loaded.

This leaves the 1.6 Dci which you've said here shouldn't be afflicted by the DPF issues of other diesels used for short trips in traffic. Which engine, besides a TCE, do you think would be best?

Asked on 2 January 2015 by Felix

Answered by Honest John
The 1.6DCI 130 should be okay because it has the latest type of cylinder head. But if you can find a 1.4TCe 130, that would be good. a 1.2TCe 120 will just about do the job. It's ok on the Qashqai.
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Comfortable for seven. Great chain-cam 1.4 TCe 130 engine. Brilliant new chain-cam 1.6 dCi 130 diesel engine from mid 2011.

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