Do factory-fitted sat navs increase resale value?

I am thinking of buying a new car and want a few extras. A factory-fitted sat nav, built into the dashboard, costs about £1000. However, a TomTom to stick to the windscreen costs about £150. Will a factory-fitted sat nav increase the resale value of my car? Is it updated as part of a routine service?

For a £1000 I could buy a new, up-to-date TomTom every couple of years for as long as I'm likely to keep the car,

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Correct. Manufacturers are now gradually moving towards satnavs with SD cards that can be updated online, or to a new system that simply replicates all the apps on a Smartphone (including the mapping) on a bigger touch-pad in the cabin. The problem with that is when you get to an area with low signal strength you lose your satnav.

I personally prefer the dashboard shoe idea adopted by FIAT and VAG. The TomTom on the dashtop in the FIAT Panda Cross was excellent, and very intuitive to operate. When you leave the car parked you take the TomTom with you, or hide it somewhere.
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