Will my insurance premiums be loaded because I claimed twice for loss by fire?

I run and insure three cars and, until 2009, had no claims for 37 years and no convictions. I had a Discovery insured by Saga with protected no-claim bonus, written off by fire in April 2009 and a similar replacement lost by fire March 2010. Both cars were superb and I planned to keep them for many years. In the second case, it happened in my absence when the car was undergoing an MOT test. No other party or damage involved, just misfortune.

When I came to renew my separate Classic Car Jaguar policy (July 11th 2010) with Footman-James they loaded me £40 because of the claims against the other company. Am I likely to get the same treatment if I try to change insurers?

Asked on 22 June 2010 by M7RBM

Answered by Honest John
Yes. Your insurance will be loaded by all insurers because of your claims record.
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