My car was hit when parked, what should I do?

My car was parked on a single yellow line on a main road in London, when I came back to my car a couple of hours later I found the driver's side of my car had scratch and dents. There was a note left on my windscreen by a witness that he had seen a car backed into mine and drove off without leaving any insurance details.The witness had very kindly called police and lodged an incident. I have subsequently contacted the police and went into a nearby police station and filed the required forms.

I have a full comprehensive insurance, and minor damage cover. The damage to my car was several scratches and dents, though none of them are major but there are a number of them across several spots.

My question is what shall I do now? shall i contact my full car insurer to arrange a repair? but my car insurer has big excess and I m not sure if the cost of repairing these damages is financially justifiable for a claim. Also, though i have protected NCB, I have always been told that even if it's not my fault it will affect my insurance premium in the next few years.

or shall i use my minor damage cover and try to get the cosmetic repaired outside my main cover? this is probably easiest to arrange but it will mean the offender has basically gotten away with it though it's entirely his fault as my car was parked.

my gut feel is that I should go to my main insurer especially as this incident is now lodged with Police, but I would like to get an opinion regarding the financial consequences of either routes.

thanks very much.

Asked on 6 May 2014 by kcz88

Answered by Honest John
Yes, you have to disclose this to your main insurer because the incident could be logged on the Motor Insurers Database and if you do not report it you will be penalised. Then you have to do a deal with your insurers. You have to find out what the financial implications will be to future premiums if you have an insurance repair, or if you simply repair the car yourself. Get quotes from Minor Damage Repairers: And if you have the details of the other party, consider pursing him directly for all of your costs via the small claims track of the county court:
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