Did this driver attempt to con our insurance company to get previous damage fixed?

My wife backed into the man across the road’s Vauxhall, with slight damage to the n/s wheelarch six inches long. I offered to pay for the repair. He said he “would look into it”. Two days later he returned. The cost: over £1000 and he would have to hire a car at about £350. We agreed to go through our insurer. My wife informed SAGA. They contacted us a couple of times to confirm that the damage was to the rear arch. There appears to be a dispute to the amount of damage and where it was done. The damage to our car was inspected. Photos and measurement were taken. Two hours later the inspector phoned and told my wife it was impossible for her car to have caused the damage claimed for by the neighbour. We do not know what the insurance people will do, or what their legal position is?

Asked on 2 November 2013 by AD, via email

Answered by Honest John
That's excellent news. The neighbour was obviously trying to get some previous damage fixed and had fallen into the hands of an accident management specialist who aimed to make money out of the credit hire car. Happily, SAGA robustly called their bluff. That's what needs to happen in order to close down these parasites that put up the price of insurance for all of us.
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