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Can you recommend an economical, reliable car for local journeys?

My wife and I are looking to change our Chevrolet Matiz, first registered in March 2010 and would welcome your suggestions as to a similar sized replacement. Important considerations include a width not exceeding 6-feet (incl. door mirrors) because our drive is 7-feet wide at one point (folding back the mirrors would make it awkward for reversing out). It should be low or zero VED, economical, reliable, low maintenance costs, with four doors (although not essential), a chain cam engine, good comfort (my wife suffers from back pain) and reasonable performance.

Most of our journeys are local with long journeys over 100 miles about four times a year. We quite like the Chevrolet Spark. We have looked at the Ford KA mainly because there is a local Ford dealer but I'm not deeply impressed with it. We have approximately £4000 plus the trade-in value of the Matiz to put into a new car so we would consider a finance deal for the balance. If you could make a few suggestions then we'll look at the car by car breakdown on your website

Asked on 28 September 2013 by MD, via email

Answered by Honest John
Hyundai i10 Blue, if you can find one for the money: Though at just £20 a year VED an i10 1.2 makes more sense.
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