Would you recommend the Isuzu Rodeo for load carrying, towing etc?

My parents have a diesel Volvo V70 estate 4WD. It is facing more costly repairs as bushes are wearing. They have a small farm shop and regularly carry or tow small loads of around half a ton and tow a horsebox, all-up weight over two tonnes. I did originally try to steer them towards an Isuzu Rodeo but was declined as dad liked Volvos. Have you any ideas: KIA? Hyundai? Toyota? Ford? Double Cabs? Estate? SUV? Try Isuzu again? The budget is around £10,000. I have been put off Discovery IIIs by the £475 annual VED. Are crew cab pick-ups also £475 VED?

Asked on 24 August 2013 by RP, via email

Answered by Honest John
£10,000 buys the previous model Isuzu Rodeo 4WD double Cab with chain-cam 2.5 I-TEQ engine and 5-speed manual transmission. That's the most reliable pick-up with the nicest powertrain. The LCV pickup rate is £220 VED a year or £140 a year for Euro 4, which most are. But check the rules about towing for commercial purposes. You may have to fit a tachograph.
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