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Why do you suggest Driver Awareness Courses even for incidents where the driver is not at fault?

I was a bit puzzled by your response to GJ of Norwich. Driver Awareness Courses are offered as an alternative to prosecution and the likelihood of penalty points. I have no doubt that attendance of such a course will benefit any driver - as any further education in one of life's important skills would - but that isn't really my point. Surely the evidence of fault should already be there to warrant being 'sent on' one of these courses. But GJ seemed to be describing an accident in which he could not be held to be culpable. If other vehicles are nowhere in sight when one commences a right turn, how can the driver who is turning be at fault? And yet you seemed to be accepting of the process where 'elderly' drivers are simply sent on one of these courses as a matter of course. GJ may benefit from such a course, but he seems to be having to fork out £185 for something for which he is not liable - simply because he is deemed to be 'old'. Can you clarify your view on this?

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Exactly the same thing happened to my elderly father emerging from the steep drive of his house onto a hill where the council had painted parking spaces on the side of the road he emerges on, and parked vehicles make it impossible to see oncoming vehicles. So no way was it his fault. Yet because of his age he was still sent on a course and he felt he hugely benefited from it. This was a 2-hour driving course with an instructor, not a speed awareness classroom course.
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