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Why can't I reschedule my driver's awareness course?

At age 83 and after 58 years of accident and points-free motoring, I have been charged with driving without care and attention and without regard to other road users. I have opted to attend a driver awareness course on 6 December (cost £185). I was on my way to an urgent medical appointment and executed a turn I have safely accomplished at least 1000 times without incident and, in a 50mph limit, a car drove into my rear despite that it was not in sight when I commenced the turn. I am my severely disabled wife's sole carer and cannot leave her unattended.

As the course will be 30 miles away in Dereham I have emailed and twice written to Norfolk County Council asking if they could accommodate me on a date likely to be less inclement, when I could possibly be stranded away from home, and if not, please inform me to enable me to arrange my wife's admission to a local care home. They will not respond. I have pointed out that, despite the charge against me, I have always treated others (including other drivers) with the greatest courtesy and expect reciprocal behaviour. It made no difference - still no response. I should add that LV insurance renewed by cover at the same premium as before the accident.

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This seems unfair and exactly the same thing happened to my father when emerging from his sloping driveway, the exit to which the local council has made blind by installing parking bays on the hill outside. When any elderly driver has a crash, whether his/her fault or not, they are put on one of these courses. They are generally very good (my father’s was) and could make the difference between being able to continue driving for a few more years or being banned completely. So make arrangements and take the course.
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