I'd like to recommend Saga insurance for dealing with my claim very well.

On 1 November my car was stolen. After reporting this to Sussex police, and with a feeling of impending doom, I called Saga insurance, expecting the usual runaround. I was more than a little stunned. Not only was I treated with politeness, but the call took no longer than two minutes. The police found the car burnt out later that day, Saga called me to let me know that their engineer had collected it and that he would call me within 24 hours with a valuation, which he did with a fair price. The only other 'work' on my part was to post the documents and keys to Saga. A cheque for the full amount was delivered on 15 November. On the 9 November I took out insurance on a new car, the increase in premium was a few pounds. I would add that Sussex police have treated this matter as a crime and not just a crime number. I have had several calls from their car crime team and an officer is meeting with me on Monday. All in all I think congratulations for jobs well done. And an award to Saga for the fastest settlement in history.

Asked on 5 January 2013 by RE, Mayfield

Answered by Honest John
This is very good news. Saga appears to be courting business. In our recent competition for the lowest insurance premiums, Saga consistently came up with the lowest for relatively modern cars, beaten only by some restricted mileage 'classic' policies. A couple of readers later wrote to complain that they were paying a lot more for their Saga policies, but there could be all kinds of reasons for that.
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