My motorbike was stolen but despite CCTV the police will not investigate - what can I do?

My motorcycle was stolen from a leisure centre in Brentwood. I am told they have CCTV footage of a suspicious vehicle but no registration number. The van is very distinctive and the drivers face can be seen. But Because there is no registration number the police will not look at the CCTV and have closed the case. The Police asked me to get a copy of the footage or some stills but the leisure centre refused to allow me to see the footage as it breaches the rights of the thief.

I despair! Have I the right to see the footage as it appears that no one else cares.

Asked on 20 July 2018 by kevin Sullivan

Answered by Tim Kelly
Bonkers isn't it. They can argue it is against the human rights of the thief but the police can request it from the centre. I would be speaking to the manager of the leisure centre and would ask would they mind sharing their video footage with the police. You yourself do not need to see it. Also Make the centre aware that if this has happened once, it may well mean they are targeted again. Did you pay a parking fee while it was on the premises? As they do have a duty of car over your vehicle if they charge. Should they not assist, I would be publicising it on social media and asking if anyone saw anything or if they have dash cam footage.
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