Do we need more draconian penalties for using mobile phones whilst driving?

Is it me, or are there an increasing number of drivers who flaunt the law on using mobile phones while driving? Every day I see car, van and truck drivers with a mobile stuck to their ears, negotiating junctions, roundabouts, and on the open road. I just passed a blonde lady in a BMW 5 Series who was clearly texting on the M54 and was wandering over a lane and a half. Where are the police? Is the present law sufficient or should there be more draconian penalties for using a mobile while driving? I suppose you have to make an effort to catch the culprits first!

Asked on 3 June 2010 by Bob Ennion

Answered by Honest John
Very, very common. Especially among women taking their children to and from school in giant 4x4 SUVs. The startling thought is that many new vehicles have hands-free Bluetooth, so are drivers just too thick to pair their phones up with their cars?

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