Is there any way of repairing VAG Bluetooth systems that don't work with popular phones?

Do you have any advice for owners of VAG group cars fitted with Bluetooth that will not work with 85 per cent of all mobile phones? rSAP seems to be a Nokia-only system and it is impossible to connect iPhones or any Android phones, yet these account for over 1.5 billion worldwide. I know the new cars can now connect but I can get no information from VAG regarding a software update for earlier cars made last year. Do you know of a fix, work round or simple software update? A quick look at the web shows thousands have this problem, yet not found with any other manufacture's Bluetooth.

Asked on 2 October 2010 by RE, Sidmouth

Answered by Honest John
Very annoying. But last year another reader managed to get his Golf Mk VI “Premium Bluetooth” kit updated by an independent using a Skoda phone prep kit. The VAG/Skoda part, number is 1Z0035729C. It is identical to the old interface and accepts the same plugs. On the central screen of the car it reads SKODA BT. The hands-free works perfectly with all relevant lists showing, such as Phone Book and Missed, Received and Sent calls. The part itself can be obtained from SatNav Systems in London ( Total cost of obtaining and fitting in one reader’s case was £569.25
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