Can I upgrade my BMW E93's iPod interface to select contacts more easily?

Can I upgrade my BMW E93's OEM iPod interface so that it operates like my OEM Bluetooth interface? The Bluetooth directory allows me to select from my phone's address book by initial letter. I can turn to X and call my friend Xavier Xyris instantly. The iPod directory, however, lists all artists from A-Z, and I have to scroll through each artist consecutively. Hence I end up playing far more tunes by AC/DC, Aerosmith and Aha, than by Whitesnake, Yes and ZZ Top. Is there any upgrade process available?

Asked on 22 August 2010 by Edge

Answered by Honest John
How to get your car's Bluetooth hands free system to take your mobile phone directory (thanks to Stuart of

First ensure that your car and handset are paired with one another, and then send your address/contacts to the car by Bluetooth as Business Cards. Don't send the whole address book in one lump as this usually fails, but send contacts/addresses from ABC&D first. Once this is done, turn the car off and let the Bluetooth connection be lost between the car and phone, then turn the car back on, let the Bluetooth connection be made between car and phone. Then send the next addresses, EFGH etc. Remember to turn to car on and off between each batch of contacts. Then go to the contacts' addresses on the I-Drive and hey presto, your contacts will appear and you can call them from the I-Drive and also when receiving a call you will see who's calling you, as long as they have been previously added to the car by the above. Apparently, this also works with Audis and Mercedes-Benz.
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