Should I buy this 2002 Mercedes-Benz C220 with 89,000 miles?

I have been considering purchasing a 2002 C220 Mercedes-Benz CDI Avantgarde Estate. It has FSH, has completed 89,000 miles and is being sold by a reputable dealer for £6495. I have just retired and do not wish to make a possibly costly error. I am aware of very expensive possible faults with these cars, but remain tempted. Am I being foolish and should I just stick to a "sensible" motor, or go for it?

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If the car is from a reputable dealer, comes with a warranty and has a full service history then it's worth considering. The mileage is slightly above average though so if you intend on owning the car for a long time (and intend to do a reasonable amount of miles) we'd suggest looking for something with a lower mileage. There are a few things to watch out for which are listed here:

The C220 CDI is a good car to drive and very comfortable. It's certainly not a foolish purchase, but we'd suggest considering one that had less miles on it.
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