Which small car can I buy new for under £8000?

I've had my beloved Fiesta for seven years now and, at 65,000 miles, I'm thinking of a change. I don’t like the new Fiesta because, being quite short, I find the visibility through the rear window very poor. So I need a car the same size or a little smaller with a ‘patio door’ back window, four doors, gutsy and comfortable enough to make long motorway trips. I'm thinking nearly-new and low mileage, but possibly new if a bargain is to be had. I will have about £8000, including my present car, to spend. What do you suggest?

Asked on 30 June 2012 by GP, Ilminster

Answered by Honest John
The Volkswagen Up!, voted World Car Of The Year in April, costs £7995. The SEAT Mii 1.0S is £7845 or the Skoda Citigo is £7630. The Up! is tested and video tested here: www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/volkswagen/vw-up!/
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Funky little city car. Cheap to run with low CO2. Lively and fun to drive. Large enough for four adults.
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