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Should I switch from my manual Honda Jazz to an automatic car?

I am a pensionable age female who is currently driving a Honda Jazz EX, manual transmission, which I think is absolutely wonderful. My brother in law keeps telling me that I should convert to an automatic and using his words "before it is too late". I am not so sure as I have always been content with manual transmissions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing to automatic and what do you think? My annual mileage is around 10,000 per year and is purely social.

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You could swap to a Jazz CVT-7 painlessly. In my view the only thing to remember is to left foot brake when manoeuvring the car in confined spaces, otherwise it can cover four metres before you can get your right foot from accelerator to brake. You don't need to do this out on the road. But if you can get used to it, then it will eventually make your driving much smoother.
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Neatly styled. Increased room and better performance than original Jazz. better to drive. Very versatile. CVT-7 returned in February 2011 replacing i-SHIFT. More reliable than first generation Jazz.

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