Should we buy a Mitsubishi Colt Equippe that has apparently been clocked?

Recently, we found a nice Mitsubishi Colt Equippe 1.1 to buy. However, we just found the MoT history record online and it shows the latest mileage is over 55,000 on Jan 2010, but the figure on the odometer showed around 42,000 when we checked the car on the dealer site a few days ago. The dealer gave us an Experian HPI report that had a clear status but no mileage record. Do you recommend we purchase this car? Will there be any problems insuring this car, and will the insurer reject any payment claim if they found this is a clocked car?

Asked on 14 May 2010 by testlock

Answered by Dan Harrison
Our advice on this kind of problem is clear. If you've got any concerns about the car you're about to buy, or there's a question mark over it that can't be explained, as in this case, then walk away. There's always another car out there somewhere. You're heart may be telling you to put the mileage issue to the back of your mind, but it could prove to be something you regret later on.
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