Insurance mix up could cost me

I was recently involved in an accident and rang in to notify my insurance company. When they asked me for any convictions I notified them of one from 2009. It then became apparent that, according to them, I hadn't told them. I did, as I wrote a letter at the same time confirming a new address. My insurance premium went up by £700 and I didn't question it as i knew that both the conviction and change of address would have this impact.

Now they are saying I did not notify them, and I am under investigation. If I didn't notify them three years ago why would I admit to it now? And doesn't the insurance company have the responsibility of checking DVLA records? I am know unsure where this will leave me with regards to getting insurance in the future? And worried I am now going to be in serious trouble.

Asked on 28 January 2013 by winkles

Answered by Honest John
If you have the proof, use it. Even if you don't, you must escalate this to a higher level in the food chain at the insurer.
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