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We bought a Skoda Yeti in Feb 2010 (with Sunroof), and it has been back twice (under Warranty) due to water ingress in the passenger compartment. -The source was found to be in the bulkhead where the gearbox is fitted on LHD vehicles, but is a plate on RHD. Both times Skoda fixed it, but we have recently found quite a bit of water has collected in the space where wheel brace kit is stored - and the fabric spare wheel cover was very wet - though other fabrics- including in our dog crate are completely dry.

Before we pay up the finance, are there any grounds for compensation? And if we go for an extended warranty (either with Skoda or Warranty Direct), and it leaks again, would Skoda still be liable?

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You have to keep paying the finance otherwise you get a bad credit rating and won't be able to get finance again for anything. If the car still leaks, take the matter up with the supplying dealer. If they can't fix it, then the supplying dealer and the finance company are jointly liable.
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