Car not fit for purpose

I am currently going through a bad experience with a car a purchased from a local dealer and has never been right.

It is a 52 ('03) BMW 323ci msport, purchased for £3500 on the 25th April '12 (£3000 given as cheque and another car traded in). On the day I test drove it and the day I bought it the coolant light came on, over the first few months of owning it I stupidly kept topping it up, rather than taking it back, it would last a week or so then come back on.

Eventually I took it to a friends garage (I didn't really trust the original dealer) and we replaced the coolant expansion tank, thermostat, checked for leaks and the coolant/ oil was drained/ bled many times after suspected air blocks.

I also replaced the rear disc brakes and pads which were shot, the parking brake needed replacing and the a wheel bearing collapsed. Approx 6 weeks ago the car was taken back to the original dealer who sold me it to look at as it had been diagnosed that the head gasket needed replacing.

The head was checked for cracks and found to be OK and today I got the car back after handing over £860 (the dealer had the car about 3/4 weeks and said the work had taken 3 days?!).

After approx 5 miles the coolant light has come back on again, so once again the car has gone back to the dealer.

It is over 6 months since I bought the car, but the problem has been there since day one, I also feel now that the £860 I handed over was for nothing!!

Am I still within my rights to expect my money back for the car?

Asked on 24 October 2012 by matt46

Answered by Honest John
Very difficult case because you have messed about with the car yourself. You need to seek legal advice.
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