Peugeot 5008: instability and vibration when braking on motorway

I have had my car for about 8 weeks. It became obvious on a trip to France that the steering wheel vibrates heavily if you attempt to brake when travelling on Autoroutes. I reported it to my dealer (Gateway in Crewe) and their thoroughly pleasant and knowledgeable technician confirmed the fault on a road test.

The dealer later explained that Peugeot knew of the fault, and have issued a rectification notice to fit different bushes in the lower wishbones.

Unfortunately, Peugeot don't seem to be able to deliver these parts: they were scheduled to arrive at the dealer today (14/8/12) but they changed this to 23/08/12 this morning.

Where do I stand? I don't know if my car is safe for a family trip to France, which starts on 17/8. Should Peugeot provide me with an alternative car?

Asked on 15 August 2012 by Darren Ainsworth

Answered by Honest John
If this is a fault that makes the car unsafe then the dealer has to provide a replacement car while he is waiting for the parts.
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