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Which auto for my neighbour?

I've helped my disabled 78 year old neighbour buy new cars every four years because previously she could not negotiate a sensible price. We've bought three Nissan Micra autos which have served her well. She wants to buy another new car now that the current one has done 20k miles and is four years old (yes I know, but don't ask).

However, since Nissan moved Micra production to India a Nissan mechanic has told me that their warranty claims on this model are increasing. This has put me off suggesting another Micra. What are the sensible alternatives with a proper auto gear-box? She did however complain that the 1200 cc auto Micra did not have quite as much get up and go as she would like!

Asked on 28 September 2012 by jaguarR

Answered by Honest John
The 99PS Micra K13 DIG-S works much better then the 80PS standard car. All have CVTs, as was fitted to the 1990s K11 Micra.
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