Trouble buying a second hand car off eBay

Bought via a classified ad on Ebay, underneath the seller's name was the 'Motors' icon, which when you roll over it confirms that the seller is a motor dealer.

The classified ad invited 'best offers' and my offer was accepted. No mention in the ad of 'sold as seen', 'without warranty' etc and price was £23k.

The seller contacted me once my offer was accepted, and I asked what warranty he would give on the car. He told me he was not a dealer, but a broker for a private seller, and that the car was being sold without warranty. I told him no deal as he was passing himself off as a dealer with all that that implies, he said he would sue me as I had made a legally binding offer. Who is right?

Asked on 20 June 2012 by dobbo

Answered by Honest John
You are. See him in court. (He won't dare go near one.)
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