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Some weeks ago I wrote to four nearby Volkswagen dealers enclosing a specification for an automatic VW Golf Estate 1.4SE TSI and inviting them to respond with their best price and estimated delivery time. To my surprise, two failed to answer, one telephoned to say he could not reply in writing but would be prepared to discuss my requirements if I visited his dealership, while the other came back with a poor offer price-wise. I therefore e-mailed the same spec to Autofinders who responded within 24 hours with an excellent offer and sensible forecast delivery time. Needless to say, I immediately placed the order with them and could not fault their subsequent service. Not only was their price better than I had anticipated but they only asked for a small deposit with my order. The car was delivered on a transporter a few days ago in immaculate condition by a driver who was very knowledgeable about the Golf and could not have been more helpful. I would not hesitate in recommending Autofinders to your readers.

Asked on 28 August 2010 by JS, Stockbridge

Answered by Honest John
An impeccable accolade for Autofinders. Aside from the inexcusable laziness and poor customer relations of two VW dealers, this is all about profit margins. The irony is that the car will have had to be sourced from a VW dealer, but one that was more amenable to taking a lower cut.
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