What's the punishment for damaging tyres?

In our local community we have suffered 15 tyre stabbings in the last 12 months involving a sharp pointed implement. Some victims tyres have appeared normal and then deflated later during journeys. What is the consequence of driving off with an undetected sidewall puncture?

This week Gloucester magistrates fined a man £28 for stabbing the tyre of an OAP's car. Is tampering with a tyre's integrity not a significant safety issue?

Please help, we hope to persuade the authorities to look at suitable sentencing.

Asked on 30 March 2012 by zan

Answered by Honest John
The tyre could blow at any time. I've had sudden deflations at 80mph. The magistrate is an idiot. Stabbing a tyre could cause multiple deaths snd should be regarded as attempted murder, not simply minor criminal damage.
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