Neglected facts/safety issue from main dealer purchase

On the 15/09/2011 I purchased a 57' Nissan X Trail (New Shape) from the main dealer, Cooperative Group, 200 miles from where I live. Before purchase I phoned the garage to make sure it had no towbar fitted and also on inspection I told the salesman the same.

Because it was raining that day I trusted the dealer and did not check underneath the vehicle. A few days later a friend of mine noticed that a towbar had previously been fitted to the vehicle and that a crash beam that would normally be behind the rear bumper was missing.

He also noticed that there was missing fixings to the rear mudguard trims which made them loose. From a safety aspect should I be concerned about the missing crash beam and of the loose trim? In the belief that the dealer knew what he was selling what should I say or expect from the dealer who says 'they offer only the highest standards of value and service?'

Asked on 29 September 2011 by JANET Dearnley

Answered by Honest John
Yes. You are entitled to demand that the vehicle is restored to the condition it should be in or demand that the dealer gives you your money back. Law here:
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